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    About Us
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    Smart Ice Cream Truck

    • Real-time tracking & live route information
    • Call the truck to your location
    • Geo-fencing around each truck to notify when the truck is nearby

    Data informed decisions to optimize routes

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    Mobile App

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    On-demand delivery
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    Why us?

    Alsies leverages data in all our decisions. We utilize software that allows us to know what specific areas to target and when to optimize sales.

    Our tech-enabled trucks and mobile-first platform provide curated treats to your door, making each day a little brighter and sweeter.

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    Discovery process

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    Overview of Goals
    Brand Overview
    Technology & Support Overview
    Financial & Funding Overview
    Franchise Disclosure Document Review & Territory Analysis
    Attend Confirmation Day
    Final Franchisee & Financial Validation
    Sign Franchise Agreement
    Alsies brings a technology-enhanced ice cream truck experience with ourmobile app
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    Invest with Alsies

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    High Return on Investment
    Alsies offers a high rate of return on investment to our franchise partners. With a proven business model, strong market demand, and a dedicated support system, our franchise has the tools to deliver exceptional financial success. The business model has minimal fixed costs and overhead, so when you operate, you’re making money.
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    Affordable initial investment
    and quick deployment
    Alsies enables our franchise partners to launch their business with minimal upfront investment. We want everyone to achieve financial independence and success with minimal upfront risk.
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    Community driven
    Alsies strives to be an integral and cherished part of the communities we serve, fostering connections and creating lasting moments of excitement and joy.
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    Data-driven decisions enhance success
    Alsies leverages data in all our decisions. Our proprietary software enables strategic route planning based on key consumer demographics in order to optimize efficiency and maximize sales.
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    Our first of its kind, mobile application offers an exceptional customer experience with real-time tracking, on-demand delivery, notifications when trucks are nearby, and private event bookings.
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    Alsies is dedicated to delivering unparalleled customer service, creating lasting memories, and making every encounter with our truck a delightful celebration of life's simple pleasures.
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      What our customers say

      5 stars
      OMG!! I cant tell you how much they deserve more than 5 stars 🥰
      5 stars
      Nothing like this! 😍
      5 stars
      Alsies is the best ice cream truck!
      5 stars
      The ice cream is not your typical delights. So. Dang. Good.