Why us

Why us

Why Alsies

Alsies' tech enabled trucks and mobile-first platform have reimagined the ice cream truck experience to provide a curated menu of gourmet treats to the community, making each day a little brighter and sweeter.
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Smart Ice Cream Truck & Mobile App

  • Real-time tracking & live route information
  • Call the truck to your location
  • Geo-fencing around each truck to notify when the truck is nearby

Alsies focuses on serving local, high quality artisanal products in addition to the classics.

We have strategically decided to focus on pre-packaged products, allowing for quicker transactions and faster time to market.

mobile apps
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Alsies leverages data in all decisions. Our proprietary software allows you to:

  • Know exactly where your customers are
  • Strategically plan routes based on demographic analysis
  • Automate text alerts to notify customers of routes in their area
Alsies doesn’t just sell ice cream...

We sell an experience

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